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In the first few years, children learn more and at a faster pace than at any other time in life. From birth to age two a child’s brain grows at a staggering rate, forging new connections by the second, and literally tripling in mass. During this period of dramatic growth, the brain is like a sponge, thirsting for knowledge of all kinds. In most situations the primary person filling that “sponge” is a parent.

Parents shape their children’s future through the kinds of experiences they provide. Often the focus is on the physical wellbeing of the baby or toddler and mental development
is secondary.

Fortunately, it’s been our first thought for over 26 years. LSPC teaches parents how to help their child reach their full potential and be socially, emotionally, and mentally prepared for school.

Childrens' brains complete 90% of their development by age 5!
Infants, toddlers and young children are all in a great brain race!
LSPC helps parents learn how to teach their young children during the period of greatest brain development.
Line with ages from 0 to 5.
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