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11172 Adams Street
Holland, MI 49423
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What We Do.

Boy playing in spinner tyoy at Deanna's Playhouse.
LIfe Services Parent Center (LSPC) exists to give young kids in the West Michigan area the absolute best start possible. From infancy to around 5 years of age, a child develops at an astounding rate: mentally, physically, socially, and emotionally. Through it's own facility in Holland, Michigan, and through partnerships with local, state and national organizations, LSPC acts as hub where parents can get equipped, inspired and energized to be their kids' best teachers, instructors and encouragers.

In short, Life Services Parent Center is just that: centered on the parent. Parents are the single greatest influence on their young children, thus, helping to strengthen and hone their skills is critical. Their children, after all, will go on to participate in, and even lead, our local community or other communities near and far. So, naturally, it’s in everyone’s best interest to make sure these little ones reach their full potential. Here's how we help.
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